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The people behind our power workout. 



Otto is the vision behind Volt Fitness. Otto fell in love with fitness via sailing at an early age. If you're unfamiliar with sailing, stamina and core strength are crucial, and it's because of this that Otto found his passion for gym life. As Otto grew his design and construction company, Gogson Construction, he struggled to find time to work out as often as he'd like. When a friend convinced him to try EMS training, he instantly knew it was the future for people with busy schedules. Being a designer at heart, Otto wanted to create something unique, a space where people felt special. Like most of his clients, Otto is a busy man, so if you see him in the studio, be sure to say hello.



Kyle is an experienced E.M.S instructor with a passion for fitness and has been involved in the fitness industry since 2015.

Kyle originally started as a group fitness and pilates instructor, specialising in H.I..I.T and boxing. Once he did his first E.M.S session he was hooked and is now a strong advocate of the training and in particular the benefits it has on improving posture, strength and endurance.

In his spare time Kyle enjoys Rock climbing as well as playing and collecting guitars.

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