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How effective is EMS training?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training makes use of low-frequency electrical impulses that stimulate muscles to imitate how they contract during workouts. It is a safe and effective way to improve your physical performance, improve strength, and even aid in weight loss. Now the question is, how effective is EMS training?

Before we do that, let’s take a quick look at the basics of EMS training.

How does EMS training work?

EMS training makes use of low-frequency electric pulses that initiate contractions in targeted muscles using electrodes applied to the skin. During EMS training sessions, participants wear comfortable full-body EMS suits. The suits are equipped with electrodes and controlled by the trainer. The EMS training session usually lasts for 20 minutes, with four-second intervals of muscle contractions and four seconds of relaxation. The whole 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to 4 hours of workout in a traditional gym.

The EMS studio usually provides the training clothes, while a professional EMS trainer will guide you through each session. Each training session is customised according to your individual fitness goals — whether you want to tone your muscles, lose weight, or rehabilitate from an injury.

EMS has been around for quite some time. However, it was initially restricted to professional athletes to keep their fitness levels up and improve their performance. Now, EMS training studios are available in Melbourne, offering EMS training sessions for anyone, even if you are not a professional athlete.

How effective is EMS training?

EMS training is not like your conventional workout as it targets and stimulates muscles intensively. This is the reason why 20 minutes of EMS training is as good as a 4-hour standard gym workout. Research has shown that EMS decreases body fat and builds muscles, thus making it an excellent complement to strength training and resistance training.

Effective at improving muscle power and strength

If your fitness goal is to improve muscle power and strength, EMS training has already been proven effective in that domain, as it was found to significantly improve strength and build muscle among athletes. It is important to understand that EMS machines are not substitutes for strength training, so to get the maximum benefits of EMS, sign up with a renowned EMS training studio in Melbourne.

Effective at helping you lose weight

If you are thinking of signing up for a session to lose weight, EMS training is effective as additional support for weight loss programmes. EMS increases the amount of energy expended. The higher the intensity of your training programme, the more energy your body uses up. In addition, a study by the Journal of Physical Therapy revealed that EMS aids in reducing subcutaneous fat mass, waist circumference and body fat in young women. Again, using an EMS machine is not a substitute for a full weight loss regimen. That is why EMS training studios with professional trainers are always recommended.

Effective at toning muscles

Did you know that you can also reduce cellulite with EMS training? While EMS targets muscle groups, it also works on those irregular fat cells and connective tissues that cause cellulite. The contraction of muscles improves muscle tone, thus reducing the fat stored in your hips, waist, chest and arms, giving you a sculpted look.

There are other benefits of EMS training too. For one, the electrical pulses generated by EMS machines have been found to increase the flow of blood to muscle tissues. This in turn, reduces the chance of clotting. Second, EMS has been shown to reduce fluid build-up among people with sedentary lifestyles. Third, research has shown that EMS reduces the severity and recurrence of spontaneous cramping and decreases muscle pains without intervention. Finally, EMS machines have been found to improve the range of motion and aerobic capacity by activating cardiovascular exercise response — and this without adding too much pressure on the joints.

For maximum effects

To enjoy the maximum effects of EMS training, look up trusted professional EMS trainers. EMS training is safe and highly effective, but it would be ideal to have EMS trainers who can support you and customise your sessions to achieve your desired fitness results.

Remember that wearing the suit or using an EMS machine will not produce the same effect as actual exercising, which is why a 20-minute studio training with professionals will work best. When you think about it, 20 minutes of EMS training twice a week, with each session equivalent to 4 hours of traditional gym workout, is worth it. Especially since many of us do not have the time nor the energy to head to the gym regularly.

Volt Fitness is a luxury EMS studio in Melbourne that offers short, intensive training sessions with maximum efficiency and sustainable results in a feel-good atmosphere. 20 minutes at Volt Fitness are as good as 4 hours of sweating it out at a traditional gym.

Ready to start working on your fitness goals? Take a look at our training options or chat with us on (03) 8393 5131.

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