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How often should you do EMS training?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Electro Muscle Stimulation training or EMS training is a scientifically proven method of maximising workout results by using a fitness enhancement device that produces a low-level electric current. The current activates all muscle groups, which ultimately helps you improve your muscle strength and achieve a toned appearance.

EMS training used to be a method developed specifically for increasing the physical strength of athletes. Often credited for the increased use of EMS is Dr Y. Kots from the Central Institute of Physical Culture under the former USSR. His published paper highlighted the potential of EMS for improving strength among athletes.

The past few years saw an explosion in the popularity of EMS training in Europe, and it is now steadily gaining a strong following in Australia.

How often should you go for an EMS training session?

A full-body workout using a full-body suit, EMS training targets your whole body instead of targeting specific muscle groups. Compared to traditional workouts, EMS can stimulate more muscles in a shorter time. This means that 20 minutes of EMS training sessions is akin to 4 hours of workout in a traditional gym.

Experts recommend that during the first 3 to 5 weeks of training, participants should not take on more than one or two weekly sessions. Since your body is still adapting to the new form of exercise, it is recommended that you keep at least three days between sessions. This is because, after each EMS training session, your body will need to recover and regenerate for approximately 36-48 hours.

Tip: Remember that, like any other sport or workout, you should be aware of your current fitness state and overall health before joining EMS training.

What is an EMS session like?

An EMS session is typically 20 minutes long, but despite the brief amount of time, one session is equivalent to 4 hours of a traditional high-intensity workout. The electric pulses last for four seconds, which then prompts the full-body EMS suit to trigger muscular contraction. This is followed by four seconds of relaxation.

Personal EMS trainers will demonstrate basic exercises tailored specifically to your fitness goals. As you perform the exercises, your trainer will adjust the level of the EMS machine to ensure that all muscle groups are engaged. Of course, the trainer will adjust the impulse, intensity, and depth of the EMS machine according to your fitness objectives, age, and current fitness level.

What can you expect after a session?

Muscle stiffness is expected after the first EMS training session. This is a natural physiological reaction as EMS works on those hard-to-reach muscles. If you forgot to do your post-workout stretch, muscle stiffness would normally last two to three days after your EMS training session.

Most people normally see visible results after four EMS training sessions. The time it takes to see the results may differ depending on your current fitness levels, your lifestyle, your body type, and your body weight. Some people may show results after only a few sessions, while it could take longer for others.

Tip: Remember to stretch after your EMS workout. This will promote blood flow, help your muscles heal faster, and reduce the soreness that you will feel after an intense EMS training session.

Where can I try EMS training?

Many people have been asking if EMS workouts can be done at home, especially since several EMS machines are available in Australia nowadays. The answer is yes, as long as you have a reliable EMS personal trainer who can help you with your workout. The result of your EMS workout is only as good as the personal fitness coach who understands your fitness goals to guide your progress and adjust your workout intensity according to your needs.

If you are interested in trying EMS training, visit a specialised EMS training studio with skilled trainers in your city. You can find boutique EMS training studios in Melbourne.

Volt Fitness is a luxury EMS studio in Melbourne that offers short, intensive training sessions with maximum efficiency and sustainable results in a feel-good atmosphere. 20 minutes at Volt Fitness are as good as 4 hours of sweating it out at a traditional gym.

Ready to start working on your fitness goals? Take a look at our training options or chat with us on (03) 8393 5131.

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