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How to use EMS machine for weight loss

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a system that uses an EMS machine to evoke muscular contractions through electrical impulses that stimulate one’s motor neurons directly. EMS aids in muscle strengthening and toning and is scientifically approved to support a nutritionally balanced diet and regular exercise for successful weight loss.

EMS is great for muscle strengthening and pain relief. In addition, a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy showed that young women who received 30 minutes of high-frequency EMS in the abdominal area three times a week for six weeks had a reduction in subcutaneous fat mass, waist circumference and body fat. How, then, does an EMS machine produce such results?

EMS machines and weight loss

There are several theories as to how and why EMS machines support weight loss. One of the more popular postulations is that EMS machines aid in building and strengthening muscles. This leads to an increase in metabolism and fat-burning, thus allowing the body to burn more calories. EMS machines are therefore deemed effective for those who find it more difficult to burn calories, whether they are struggling to exercise due to mobility restrictions or because of hormonal imbalance.

This quick guide will show you how to use an EMS machine for weight loss purposes.

Training with EMS machine

Working out with an EMS machine, also referred to as EMS training, activates your targeted muscle group, allows you to contract more muscle fibres, and thus helps you reach your fitness goals much faster than with an ordinary workout. EMS training allows you to customise and change up the type and intensity of your workout as you gain strength after each session.

Studies have also shown that EMS training can activate up to 95% of the total fibres that make up a muscle — this is a lot higher compared to the 60-70% reached by traditional training. EMS training studios in Melbourne offer customised programmes that ensure results.

Why is EMS training so effective? Unlike conventional workouts, EMS training is more targeted, stimulating the muscles directly and intensively. This means that in just 20 minutes of EMS training, you achieve the same results as a 4-hour full-body gym workout. This is largely due to the high number of muscles activated in every session.

Isometric exercises with an EMS machine

There are two types of muscle contractions: isotonic and isometric. Isotonic contractions take place when muscles expand or contract against resistance, but tension remains the same. Isometric contractions occur when tension increases, but the muscle remains at a steady length. During isometric training, muscle tension is developed by holding the body in the same position or carrying weights for a length of time.

Isometric training is merely neuromuscular contractions without movement and is normally intended for performance enhancement or rehabilitation. This exercise requires you to hold a position, wherein one specific muscle group is contracted. The EMS machine will then increase the buildup of lactic acid in that targeted area, resulting in a burning sensation. Among the more popular isometric training used by athletes are split squats with EMS and Copenhagen planks.

Why does it work? Isometric training with EMS machines will result in greater calorie burn and, therefore, more fat loss in the long term. The application of constant tension to the muscle allows the muscle tissue to fill with blood and thus create metabolic stress on the muscle. Stimulating the muscles intensively further leads to greater calorie burn, and, if continued for a long period of time, could result in fat loss.

While at rest

The use of an EMS machine can still be beneficial for those who are required to remain sedentary due to injuries. The results, however, may not be as effective as when paired with customised EMS training. This works because EMS has been proven to stimulate muscles at rest, improve blood circulation and aid in long-term fat loss. However, once you are physically ready to start moving again — gradually, that is — it would be advisable to seek the expertise of EMS trainers in Melbourne who can customise the intensity level of your workout.

Volt Fitness is a luxury EMS studio in Melbourne that offers short, intensive training sessions with maximum efficiency and sustainable results in a feel-good atmosphere. 20 minutes at Volt Fitness are as good as 4 hours of sweating it out at a traditional gym.

Ready to start working on your fitness goals? Take a look at our training options or chat with us on (03) 8393 5131.

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