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Powerful benefits of an EMS machine

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machines are generally known for enhancing athletic performance largely due to electrical impulses that stimulate one’s motor neurons directly and induce muscle contractions which imitate how muscles behave during a workout.

However, the benefits of an EMS machine do not end there. Here are some EMS machine benefits that will make you want to try the device yourself.

1. Stimulates blood flow and reduces fluid build-up

EMS machines, particularly electrical pulses, help increase blood flow to muscle tissues. As a result, it also helps reduce the chances of clotting. In some countries, EMS is an approved thromboprophylaxis method.

With the pandemic and enforced lockdown worldwide, many people have slowly adopted an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, leading to fluid build-up. EMS has been proven to reduce fluid build-up for people who do not lead active lifestyles. Small stimulation signals produced by EMS machines activate muscles the same way as when you are moving around.

2. Improves muscular power and strength

Another benefit of an EMS machine is increasing muscular contraction rates and improving strength in individuals. It has also been recognised as an effective tool for building muscle. EMS induces higher isometric force than mere voluntary muscle contractions. Isometric contractions happen when muscular tension increases, but the muscle remains at a steady length. Under isometric training, muscle tension is developed by holding the body steady in the same position for a period of time.

However, EMS machines are not a viable substitute for strength training. To maximise the benefits of EMS machines to enhance muscular power and strength, it would be best to sign up with a renowned EMS training studio in Melbourne.

3. Promotes weight loss

EMS machines have been found to support weight loss. To lose weight, energy expenditure is critical. EMS has been found to increase energy expenditure, depending on the intensity of the EMS training programme. Further, a study by the Journal of Physical Therapy showed that EMS helps reduce subcutaneous fat mass, waist circumference and body fat in young women. Nonetheless, it is important to note that EMS machines alone will not be enough to result in significant weight loss. Although it does have value as an additional support for weight loss programmes.

In addition, the contraction of muscles improves your overall cosmetic muscle tone, which gives you that firm, sculpted look.

4. Reduces Muscle Pain and Cramps

Some studies have shown that EMS programmes help decrease athletes’ muscle pain without any intervention. Further, a study revealed that EMS significantly reduces the number and severity of spontaneous cramping. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) was applied to the calf muscles of 19 participants who reported cramping at least once a week. Two weeks after the intervention, the participants’ number of spontaneous calf cramps was significantly reduced. Delivering light electrical pulses to the targeted areas relaxes the muscles, which can relieve pain and decrease muscle spasms.

5. Enhances motion range and aerobic capacity

EMS machines have been proven to improve the range of motion and aerobic capacity. EMS activates a cardiovascular exercise response but without too much pressure on the limbs or joints. The study utilised rapid, rhythmical contractions in the large leg muscles, while the results were evaluated through a treadmill test to evaluate the peak aerobic capacity, and a 6-minute walking distance test.

The results indicated that the participants showed significant improvement in aerobic capacity and stamina. This study suggests that EMS machines can indeed be used in sedentary adults to support their physical fitness.

To maximise results, it is recommended to consult with a professional EMS training support crew. EMS training is safe and highly effective in augmenting overall physical performance — even among sedentary individuals. Look for certified EMS trainers who can customise your sessions to address your concerns and achieve your preferred outcomes.

Volt Fitness is a luxury EMS studio in Melbourne that offers short, intensive training sessions with maximum efficiency and sustainable results in a feel-good atmosphere. 20 minutes at Volt Fitness are as good as 4 hours of sweating it out at a traditional gym.

Ready to start working on your fitness goals? Take a look at our training options or chat with us on (03) 8393 5131.

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